Digital Marketing Training and Career Opportunities in 2018 - Digital Marketing Training and Career Opportunities in 2018

Digital marketing has now emerged as a green field career ever since the collaboration of businesses with the world of internet. The digital marketing industry is one of the fastest growing sectors with an increasing demand for digital marketers with technical and analytical skills. It is estimated that there are over 800,000 jobs related to online marketing with this number increasing over the years with less number of trained digital marketers available in the job market.

The digital marketing is playing a crucial role for industries across sectors due to the explosion of smart phone users which is expected to cross over 530 million by the end of 2018 and over 3.7 billion internet users across the globe with about 49.7% of world’s population going online. These statistics prove that businesses would be driven by digital marketing especially the e-commerce industry in India, which is expected to cross US$ 40 billion by the end of 2018 from the current level of US$38.5 billion.

Digital Marketing Training – Where to Get

The online marketing has now become the crucial source for the companies to generate leads and sales. As such, the role of the digital marketer in implementing various types of digital marketing strategies is crucial for businesses to succeed.

Digital Marketing as a career option is lucrative especially for those who have about five to six years of experience in traditional marketing. Even for beginners, training in digital marketing opens the doors for them in digital marketing if they enroll in digital marketing courses being provided by both online and offline training institutions.

Certifications like Hub Spot Inbound Marketing, Google Ad Words & Analytics carry weight when applying for job roles as a Digital Marketing Manager, Digital Marketing Analyst etc in Multi-national Companies.

Several websites/blogs provide in-depth information about the latest trends in digital marketing such as Search journal, Neil Patel blogs, Moz etc in addition there are several tutorial videos that teach incorporating the most effective digital marketing strategies while on the job or when you are in the process of choosing career in the field of digital marketing.

The career opportunities for Digital Marketers in 2018 is wide open based on your years of experience, skills (technical, non-technical), communication, creativity skills and your specialization in digital marketing.

The various types of job profiles that you can come across in job portals such as Naukri include – Digital Marketing Executive, Digital Marketing Specialist, Digital Marketing Manager or Team Leader, Digital Marketing Strategist/Analyst, Head of Digital Marketing etc.

With the internet marketing industry still evolving, the above roles require standardization. New technologies in information technology require the digital marketers (newbie/experienced) to learn and upgrade their knowledge on an everyday modules basis either on the job or through offline/online training in digital marketing.

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